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Tim Custer, Apache Corp.


Tim Custer, Senior Vice President – North America Land, Government Affairs and Real Estate

"Historically an 'acquire & exploit' company, Apache is decisive and once we move to transaction, fast paced is the speed. Terra Firma has been a go-to for 25 years throughout different phases of my career. They roll up their shirt sleeves with a no-excuses attitude working integrally with our team, at our pace, across many different types of transactions. Apache hires employees with a 'sense of urgency' and 'fire in the belly.' Nancy and Chris staff their high-quality teams with that same energy. Always available, even for those late night closings, they are reliable partners to the very end. 


What is truly unique about Terra Firma, though, is their ability to fully understand the core characteristics of our company. There are no surprises or unexpected workflow challenges because Nancy and Chris align their team with our work ethic. This makes for a very fluid working relationship and longtime, trusted partnership."

Randi Collins, VP at Black Stone Minerals

Randi Collins, Vice President – Land Administration & Acquisitions Management


"I was first exposed to Terra Firma Ventures in the 1990s while working at Apache Corp. Based on my work with them then, when I was later in a hiring position the company was my go-to. Beyond their data analyzation and systems expertise, they have complete understanding of the land administration and acquisition/divestiture business.

I’ve collaborated with Terra Firma for 20+ years on complex projects which require a high level of competency. The company is easy to work with - communications are clear and focused. They understand my expectations and always deliver.”


Michelle Phillips, Hess Corporation Surface Land Team Lead

"In addition to other work Terra Firma does within our company, my land team requested that Terra Firma help with a complex due diligence project for an asset that has developed over decades. Despite the enormity of the task, Chris and Nancy provided innovative, turn-key solutions that met not only our project milestones but also improved the way we do our business.  


Working with the Terra Firma team has been a pleasure, especially because they anticipate client needs and provide sophisticated solutions to our complex business needs."

Linda Nodler

Land Administration Management Consultant


"My initial contact with Terra Firma Ventures was while working in land administration management for an exploration and production company. Terra Firma was retained to manage numerous land projects for the company including data integrity of both onshore and offshore property records and large acquisition and divestiture due diligence. 


After the company was sold and ceased to exist, I chose to associate with Terra Firma as an independent contractor, working in a land administration project manager role on multiple assignments.  Based on the respect I developed for both the internal and external business ethics and practices of this firm, I continued to associate with Terra Firma for several years, including recommending its services for other land administration consulting projects. 

The two principals, Chris Kenworthy and Nancy Kerby, are experienced and competent land professionals, with extensive project management experience and outstanding business skills and acumen. They carefully customize every project to meet the individual client’s needs, pay close attention to details and provide excellent oversight to ongoing projects.  

In addition to conducting their business with the highest level of integrity, they make every effort to do so in a balanced and commendable “win-win” manner - meeting the needs of client companies and independent land contractors. I highly recommend Terra Firma Ventures to industry companies for any land due diligence or land consulting project, as well as to any land professional interested in consulting or contract land projects." 

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