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Surface assets have their own unique due diligence requirements and we have developed a highly successful methodology to evaluate, quantify and rank their associated land risk issues.


Resulting data is useful for:

  • Surface negotiations

  • Reclamations 

  • Abandonments

  • System development

  • Risk evaluation 

  • Satisfying information needs driven by corporate structure

Our due diligence often reveals right of way gaps missed when pipelines and gathering systems change hands.

Terra Firma identifies appropriate agreements with surface rights and locates potential gaps or insufficiencies in coverage for all line types.


Information is collected regarding:

  • Pipeline characteristics

  • Location

  • Agreement requirements

  • Title deficiency

  • Associated curative recommendations and mapping accuracy


Any issues identified from this process are managed by our team. 

Centralized results are located in a unique, custom software we created: TransAct. This database allows for a dynamic view of pipelines and gathering systems that is valuable for legal, operations, surface land, commercial and A&D groups.  

These solutions are ideal for shale play areas overlaying decades-old production where the pipeline and surface asset picture is very complex.

Pipeline Due Diligence
Land Services Process Design

Your company and transactions are unique - we understand this. 

Our land services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Project processes are designed to clarify objectives, maximize efficiency and optimize results. Whether cleaning up in-house legacy assets or transitioning new assets, we partner with you to identify and manage every step required with realistic cost frameworks and timely conclusions.

Over the years, we have encountered very unusual projects with large volumes, stringent research criteria and unique personnel requirements.  Designing a fluid and flexible process to create solutions for the distinct challenges of each project is a hallmark of our success!

Acquisition, Divestiture and Transition

Terra Firma supports the success of your acquisitions and divestitures programs with a breadth of services and knowledge cultivated from thirty years of in-depth experience in every aspect of this important part of the oil and gas business.

  • Early planning

  • Strategy

  • Negotiations

  • Due diligence

  • Closing

  • Transitioning assets

  • Corporate mergers

  • JV lease acquisitions

  • Large asset auctions


Accurate and accessible data is critical to the success of your business. We understand that detailed knowledge of your land assets gives you the edge needed in competitive development of your natural resources and accurate reserves reporting. Successful planning for data cleanup and review of critical data related to land assets is one of our specialties. We have broad experience with land systems, data management and cleanup of existing lease and contract data on projects of all sizes.

Data integrity projects produce accurate and current information critical to:

  • Asset rationalization and strategic development

  • Interest reconciliations

  • System data audit, correction, updates and upgrades

  • Manual to automated system implementations

  • Land system assessments

  • Identification of scope and objectives for conversion efforts

  • Audits of and supplements to existing imaged documents

Asset and Land Data Integrity
Pipeline and Land Asset Litigation Support

Lawsuits requiring in-depth knowledge, tracking and organization of the marketing clauses and other provisions in leases and key contracts have become more common. Terra Firma offers demonstrated expertise and a complex database that captures, consolidates and links the provisions with associated production and mineral ownership. This capability to distill massive amounts of data into reports for court usage assists in potentially winning or deferring lawsuits. 

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We are proud to offer a first-class database solution to our clients.

TransAct is a sophisticated information platform that centralizes the collection and management of vast amounts of data.

We collaborated with a software development group to design and develop this robust, flexible and user-friendly transaction database. TransAct is a response to the need for a state-of-the-art tool to streamline the A&D process and enhance the flow, accuracy and value of associated data.
TransAct highlighted features:

  • Effective on projects of all sizes and complexities

  • Tailored to your needs for any transaction or special project

  • Reflects dynamic relationship between leases and agreements, wells, pipelines, contracts, issues, defects and production

  • Captures due diligence work performed and allows for management and reporting of issues and title defects

  • Customized reporting including exhibits, schedules, executive summaries and critical reports

  • Project management and scheduling modules

  • Document image viewer and cross-reference

  • Integration with GIS data

  • Allows for transition of accurate, most current data at project's end

  • Staging area for future assimilation, development or divestiture

  • Centralized location to house multiple simultaneous projects

  • Sophisticated security and user permissions

TransAct may be utilized for the following projects:

  • Acquisition and divestiture due diligence

  • Onshore or offshore

  • Data cleanup and records audit

  • Producing assets and pipeline surface due diligence

Database Solutions for the Energy Industry
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